If your operation uses electrical current transformer components, you may have special needs for your equipment. In fact, some applications call for a custom made transformers to meet certain standards. Choosing the best supplier is very important, and here are some questions you should consider to make sure you have the right source.

How is the Core Made?

A quality-made electrical current transformer is often made from CRGO. This stands for cold rolled grain oriented electrical steel. The steel is rolled into the inner and outer parts of the core to give it precise dimensions. This core material is 2 millimeters or less in thickness and has a coating which increases the resistance between each lamination. The construction gives it excellent anti-corrosive properties.

Can I Order Just One Transformer?

With some companies, you must place a large order, or they cannot fill it. However, the best electrical current transformer manufacturers do not place limits on their orders. You can order just what you need and no more.

Do You Make the Transformers or Are You a Distributor?

When possible, it is best to do business with the manufacturer for a number of reasons. For example:

  • The manufacturer can give you the best prices because there is no supplier to mark up the costs.
  • Communications are clearer when you talk directly to the manufacturing source. They understand their business better than anyone.
  • You enjoy faster service when you order gets placed directly with the manufacturer.

When May I Expect My Parts?

To create high-quality transformers, it takes time. The top manufacturers have a lead time of about one week before shipping. Yet, if you need faster lead times, they can usually accommodate you. With the best manufacturers, you (the customer) are the most important part of their business.

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