In Colorado, automobile accidents claim the lives of hundreds of drivers and passengers each year. Unfortunately, even with strict auto insurance laws, drivers continue to violate the law. The violations lead to serious financial losses for victims and consequent lawsuits. Car Accidents Lawyers Greeley CO assist victims who have incurred financial losses after an accident.

The Importance of the Accident Report

The accident report is completed by law enforcement that arrives at the scene of the accident. The report is sent to each driver’s insurer. The report explains details about the accident including all parties involved. The accident report is helpful when filing a legal claim.

Collecting Information from Other Drivers

Anyone involved in a car accident is advised to collect information from all parties involved. The at-fault driver’s insurance information is necessary for filing an insurance claim. It is the victim’s responsibility to get the information from all responsible parties. The law doesn’t require any drivers to volunteer the information to anyone without it being requested.

Filing Insurance Claims

Victims contact the accountable driver’s insurance carrier and schedule an appointment. An agent visits the victim and creates a claim. The victims need invoices for their medical costs and estimates for auto repair damages. The claims agent submits the claim to the insurance company. The agent reports back to the victim after the insurer makes a final decision. If approved, the victims receive a check from the insurer.

What to Do if the Claim is Denied

Any victim denied coverage should seek legal advice from an attorney. If the victim has a viable claim, the attorney helps them submit a claim through the court. If the victim wins, the defendant provides compensation equivalent to the victim’s financial losses.

In Colorado, automobile accidents are frequently caused by moving violations, such as DUI and reckless driving. For some, insurance claims offer the compensation needed to cover related expenses. However, uninsured drivers generate significant losses for victims. Attorneys help victims determine if a lawsuit is feasible to collect compensation. Victims who need legal help can contact Car Accidents Lawyers Greeley CO through Richard Blundell Law Offices or Browse the website for further inforation now.

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