There are several companies providing garbage removal in the Baltimore area. There are also recycling companies from which business and homeowners can choose. Taking the time to compare companies can save people time and money. A Garbage Disposal Company in Baltimore MD, for example, that only provides pick up on certain days for certain streets may have cheap pricing but may not suit the client’s needs. That leaves residents and business owners with the problem of what to do with overflowing trash bins until their particular pick up day arrives. It can lead to animals getting into the garbage and making a mess, smells emanating from the property, and a less-than-ideal appearance for businesses.

Finding a Garbage Disposal Company in Baltimore MD that will provide customized services will eliminate those types of issues. Businesses, for example, may require picking up a few times a week. Some residents may only need to pick up twice a month. It makes no sense to pay for more service than is needed or not be able to get appropriate services for the amount of garbage that is generated. The size of containers will also vary according to needs. Many homes, for example, will only need a ninety-six gallon wheeled container. That size may also be perfect for smaller businesses. Medium and large businesses will need bigger containers. Containers of sizes that range from two cubic yards to eight cubic yards are available to suit any needs. Businesses that generated a lot of garbage, or industrial facilities that have constant garbage, may be better suited with a compactor on-site. A flexible company, such as Bay Area Disposal, for example, will be able to accommodate any needs and preferences for homeowners and businesses.

Recycling services provided by the same company that removes the trash will save people time and money with every pickup. Recycling programs for residential customers can have containers that are co-mingled with all recyclable materials. Residents can place everything into one container, and it will be recycled accordingly. Materials accepted include aluminum, cleaned tin and steel cans, plastics, glass, small scrap metal, cartons, newspapers, cardboard, and mixed paper. Small businesses can have one container for cardboard and one that is co-mingled with bottles, cans, and plastics. Large businesses can have larger containers delivered for recycling materials.

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