Agriculture is a short name for a massive industry. Some people don’t even realize how big. When they think about agriculture they think about how farmers toiling in the fields from dawn to dusk working by hand to harvest crops. They do not think about the massively mechanized industry that exist today pumping out massive amounts of food stuffs. The main type of crops grown though are a type of grain. Grain has so many uses and because of this massive amounts of grain are planted and harvest.

There are an incredible amount of different varieties of grain today. These differences allow for grain to be harvested all throughout the year. When it is time to collect a harvest a few people get into harvesters and take off into a field. They are able to collect a massive amount of grain in a short amount time. This grain is then put into storage awaiting transport to a facility that will turn it into refined grain. However, storage for grain is not as simple as throwing it in some silo until it is picked up by truck. A large facility will store many metric tons of grains before it is picked up. This weight is one of the problems. Because the grain is a plant it has a large concentration of water in it. Water is pretty heavy and so companies want to remove as much as possible so they can ship more at a time. This is done with Grain Dryers in Oregon. These dryers usually work by removing water from the bins with grain and through that the grain it self. Unfortunately, these can’t be purchased at the local hardware store. They must be built by a group like Leon James Construction Company.

With grain such an important part of the world’s diet, the quantities needed are astronomically large. In order to facilitate this need farms need to produce a lot and ship it out as fast as possible. Without drying the grain first the amount that a truck could handle would be about a third the optimal amount. So grain dryers in Oregon are actually much more important that people realize in keeping the supply chain intact.

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