Bankruptcy is an obvious solution for people who have more debt than they can ever realistically pay. However, the process of filing for this kind of debt relief isn’t as easy as it sounds. Although the court will allow an individual or couple to save some money by filing their own documents, getting assistance from an attorney who focuses on bankruptcy law could be worth the investment.

With professional assistance from a bankruptcy law firm in Montgomery, AL, a person with too much debt could find out about their rights from someone who has been working in this area of law for quite some time. Having this information can save a person a lot of time initially and prevent them from making some of the most common mistakes on the required paperwork. While the clerks at the courthouse might look over the documents to ensure they are complete and even clarify questions on the documents, they won’t be able to answer specific legal questions.

Choosing the right type of bankruptcy is a vital element of a successful resolution to any debt problem. For many people, Chapter 13 is the right choice. This allows people to keep their home and car while paying what they can on their debts. For others, Chapter 7 is ideal. This type of bankruptcy allows people who don’t own secured property or don’t have the means to pay for their home or car may be able to have all of their debts discharged and owe nothing.

By consulting with a bankruptcy law firm in Montgomery, AL, a person or couple with a lot of debt could find out if they qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Everyone will not qualify for this option. There are income and time limit restrictions. However, even if someone does not qualify for Chapter 7 or if they have debts that they cannot discharge through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they may be able to use Chapter 13. Learning about these options before it’s too late. Anyone who is having trouble making the minimum payments on their credit card bills should click here for more info about their bankruptcy options.

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