A wide variety of construction, mining, and other industrial equipment requires the use of over-sized tires. Purchasing these tires new can be a huge strain on even a well-established business’s budget, so it’s important to note that, depending on what’s wrong with them, some oversize tires are good candidates for less-expensive large Tire Repair in Northbrook, IL. These repairs should, of course, only be entrusted to a highly experienced and trained professional. Below are just a few of the issues that can sometimes be successfully repaired.

Tire Punctures

Whether or not a puncture can be fixed depends largely on its location and severity. Those that can be repaired are usually filled with a tire puncture plug and then sealed to prevent slow leaks. If the puncture is enormous, has tearing, or is located on the tire sidewall, it is less likely that a tire repair specialist will be able to fix it.

Slow Leaks

Heavy equipment is labeled as such for a reason. All that weight on even appropriately sized tires can lead to air escaping from even the smallest hole. Some contractors and other industry professionals think they will be able to save money by just checking the air pressure more frequently and refilling it as necessary, but this is often not the case. Failing to get the tire inspected and the problem fixed early on can lead to irreparable damage and the need for new tires later down the line.

Worn Treads

Most people realize that retreading is commonly practiced on commercial tires. If the tread is worn down but the tire is otherwise in good condition, it’s a good option for over-sized tires as well. Keep in mind that whether or not it’s worth having the tread replaced depends on the condition of the tire sidewalls and the presence of any other structural problems.

Those whose heavy machinery tires are not good candidates for Large Tire Repair in Northbrook, IL need not despair. Purchasing used or refurbished tires is often much me affordable than buying new. Just be sure to buy them from a reputable dealer

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