In California, consumers find several policies that accommodate their needs. Insurance is available to help consumers cover the cost of specific health services and protect their investments. Reviewing Personal Insurance in Rancho Cucamonga CA helps consumers understand what is available to them.

Auto Insurance Coverage

In the state, all drivers must have bodily injury liability coverage that is at least $15,000 for each person involved in the accident with a maximum of $30,000 for the entire accident. They need $5,000 minimum for property damage liability. The uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage must be a minimum of $15,000 with a maximum of $30,000. The uninsured motorist property damage coverage is $3,500.

Health Insurance Coverage

Consumers who purchase health insurance coverage select between PPOs and HMOs. The coverage ranges up to 90% for PPOs and 80% for HMOs. The policies impose certain restrictions for elective procedures that aren’t medically necessary. The details of the policy identify the total annual deductible before any coverage is provided.

Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

Consumers have access to short and long term disability insurance. The policies provide payments for in-home health services and limited disability funds to cover expenses when wages aren’t available. The policies impose certain restrictions for how long the policyholder receives their funds and coverage. The products aren’t designed for conditions that last longer than a year or two.

Dental and Vision Coverage

Consumers who don’t receive the policies through an employer plan could find dental and vision coverage. Dental insurance provides coverage for standard services, such as cleanings and annual examinations. Complex dental surgeries and procedures are covered after the deductible is paid. With vision coverage, the policyholder receives funds to cover the cost of an eye exam and prescription glasses or contacts. Some surgeries are also covered.

In California, consumers discover several personalized policies that cover their investments and provide them with healthcare coverage. The policies include auto, homeowners, and health insurance. Specialty policies for disabilities and dismemberment are also available to consumers. Reviewing the terms of the policies help consumers find the best options for them. Consumers who want to learn more about their options visit Barranca Insurance Services Inc. for a free quote today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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