A flood in the home can be devastating. If the pipes burst or the home floods due to extreme weather, experts say that there is a 24 to 48-hour window to get the house dried out before permanent damage occurs. Because a flood can be so damaging, the homeowner should call a company that specializes in flood damage restoration in Escondido. There are a few reasons why a professional should handle the cleanup.

No Emotional Attachments

Homeowners are emotionally attached to their belongings. After a flood, it can be difficult for a homeowner to let go of certain items that have been damaged in flood. Emotional attachments can make it difficult for homeowners to part with destroyed items. The people who work for flood restoration companies have no emotional attachment to these items; therefore, they have no problem getting rid of things that are unsalvagable.

Industrial Strength Equipment

Fans and dehumidifiers are necessary for drying out the home after a flood. In most cases, window fans and residential dehumidifiers won’t be powerful enough to dry out the house within the 24 to 48-hour window. Professional flood restoration companies use industrial strength equipment, which can dry out the home quickly.

Standing Water Isn’t Always Visible

During a flood, the water can flow behind the walls and underneath the floors. If the homeowner is going to clean up the flood water on their own, they won’t know if there is standing water in these areas. If it isn’t dried out, it can create a mold problem in the home. Professional flood restoration companies have devices that can detect water behind walls and underneath floors. When the water is detected, steps can be taken to remove the water.

Flood Restoration Can Be Dangerous

If the electrical wires are underwater, it can be hazardous. The same is true if the flood water is contaminated with sewage, toxic chemicals or bacteria. Professional flood restoration companies are trained to handle situations like these, and most homeowners are not.

After a flood, the first phone call that the homeowner should make is to a company that specializes in Flood Damage Restoration in Escondido. It is the best way to get the house dried out quickly and safely. For more information, contact us.

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