Fire sprinkler systems not only reduce the risk of a catastrophic fire, but they also provide you with much peace of mind. A fire in a residential, commercial or industrial building could happen at any time. Few owners are financially prepared for a total loss. Even with insurance, a business might not be able to survive after a major fire. Our fire sprinkler service company in NJ area installs, maintains and repairs all types of fire sprinkler systems.

Maintaining the fire sprinkler system is key to safety. Over time, fittings could crack or corrode. We check every part of the system in order to ensure that it is fully operational. We check the pressure levels and connections in order to make sure that the system will get water if and when it needs it. We also check to make sure that the fire sprinkler system will automatically initiate a call to the fire department if the sprinklers are activated.

Our fire sprinkler system services include maintenance, repairs and installations for dry, wet and deluge sprinkler systems. The dry systems are generally used in industrial facilities that have chemicals that react explosively in the presence of water. The wet and deluge systems are typically in use in residential and commercial buildings. We install new systems in buildings as they are built. We can also retrofit an existing building at any time, including during a remodeling or rebuild.

When you are in need of a fire sprinkler service company in NJ, contact us at the Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. We look forward to ensuring that your residential, commercial or industrial building’s fire sprinkler system is in proper working order. Give us a call today for additional information, or visit us online in order to check out our full range of fire sprinkler system services.

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