Finding the right childcare center near Minneapolis MN is one of the most important decisions that a working parent can make. The right center can help to ensure the health, safety, and overall well being of their child is taken care of while the parent is away.

All childcare centers in Minneapolis, MN must be licensed by the state. The state will also perform unannounced inspections of the facility periodically.

When looking for a childcare center ask the center questions such as are they licensed and ask to see the license. Ask about the staff to find out if they are trained in early childhood education, the prevention of airborne diseases, anger management and pediatric first aid.

When you visit a facility look to ensure the staff wears plastic gloves while changing diapers or administering first aid. The gloves should be disposed of once they are used.

Other questions to ask are how many children does one person supervise and when was the facility’s last inspection date.

Parents should also find out if childcare staff in Minneapolis, MN has been trained on child abuse and neglect and the state reporting requirements for suspected child abuse. With an increasing number of incidents of domestic violence and kidnapping by non-custodial parents and other caregivers, parents should find out if doors are kept locked during the hours the center is open for operation and how the childcare provider ascertains that only approved persons are picking up a child and if they have a form that can be signed designating who can and cannot pick a child up?

Parents should not be afraid to ask any questions they feel are relevant. If the facility does not want to answer questions or the answers are evasive, then that is a red flag and parents should not send their children there.

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