In any aspect of food or beverage production and processing, having the right equipment in place is critical in any system. Trying to make due with pumps and system components that are not a correct match for the process results in challenges with quality control in production as well as increased downtime across the system.

In any type of process, one of the most critical components will be the sanitary pump. For many types of materials, and specifically those with low viscosity, the sanitary centrifugal pump is the ideal selection.

Choosing the Right Pump

There may be a multitude of factors to consider when choosing the right sanitary centrifugal pump for the specific application. The first is to consider the system, then to match the pump. Often, buyers have a preferred pump in mind that may not be the best match for the application. There are pumps that are better for high flow and low pressure or high pressure and low flow. There are also mixed types of pumps which are ideal in moderate flow and moderate pressure types of systems.

By working with a top distributor of several of the top types of centrifugal pumps on the market, it will be easy to compare the various system and performance variables.

Maintenance Considerations

In addition to the pump having the right pumping capacity and temperature and pressure ranges for the application, it is also important to consider the routine maintenance required on the pump. Generally, the simple design of these dynamic types of pumps makes them easy to maintain with a corresponding longer life cycle.

Depending on the system and the needs of the application, a CIP or clean-in-place sanitary centrifugal pump may be required. By reviewing the requirements of the system and selecting a pump based on that criteria, it is easy to find the right model.

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