Progress in medical science has assured that human being s can live longer lives. This has resulted in an increasing population of old people. The elderly have special needs and they need to be taken care-off very well. They have physical as well as emotional needs to be taken care off. They are physically delicate, their bodies worn down with age, and emotionally lonely.  All these reasons have made senior home care a very important issue.  There are fortunate seniors who are cared for by their children and then there are those who are left by children to fend for themselves. In both cases there are victims. In the first case where the children take care of their old parents, they may be doing so while facing a lot of stress. Keeping in mind that the young and middle aged population has many other issues to manage, like:

  1. Job- The world has become an increasingly competitive place. Work has become more stressful and most people are so heavily burdened with fulfilling their job responsibilities that they have to bring work home in order to complete. Under such senior home care becomes very challenging.
  2. Spouse- People who are married and have dependent spouses need to give quality time to their spouses and help them out in their chores.
  3. Kids- Kids have needs which are similar to senior. They need constant attention. They need to be cared for carefully. Kids who are studying may need to be helped out with their school related work.

All these factors make, providing senior home care a very difficult and stressful job.  There are ways out of it though, senior home care needs to be planned out well.

  1. The care givers could consider forming support-groups made of people facing similar predicaments.
  2. Spouses could divide responsibilities intelligently so that neither has to face extra pressure.
  3. The kids could be encouraged to give company to the seniors when no one is at home.
  4. Those who can afford spending a little more could take the help of organizations that are specially set up to offer senior home care.  These organizations have people who are specially trained to look after the needs of the elderly.

Our aged population comprises of our parents, they have taken brought us up and ensured that we are well-equipped to deal with life. So we should always be there to take care of them, when they need us.

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