Parents are important to most people and it is every person’s moral responsibility to take care of his/her parents when they become old and dependent. However, modern life and its pressures, make it difficult for even the most sincere offspring to take satisfactory care of their parents. Most children, who love their parents, would like to take care of their parents at home itself. Many times this is not possible, because the parent maybe suffering from a complex medical condition that would require constant supervision by experts. In such cases, it would be wiser to admit the concerned parent into a suitable care center. There are also cases where work pressures, as well as the responsibilities of looking after the needs of their spouse and children, make it very tough for the children to take care of their parents. In such cases, senior home care agencies come of great help. Senior home care agencies are organizations that care for old adults, who are not able to take care of themselves. These agencies provide most of the services that maybe required by older adults. However, how do you understand that your parent may need the special care that can be provided by a senior home care agency?

What follows is a series of symptoms, which would indicate that you need expert help in providing care to your parent and it is time for you to get in touch with a senior home care agency.

1.     There is a progressive fall in health, accompanied by sleep disturbances, incontinence, loss of appetite, loss of hearing and other similar symptoms. All these symptoms indicate a growing medical condition, which could turn fatal but is treatable at this stage. Senior home care providing agencies have medical experts in their staff who have been trained to take care of adults facing such problems.

2.     Your parent has always been very particular about paying bills on time, and keeping things in order, but you notice a sudden change in these characteristics, without any visible accompanying cause, like shock from the death of a loved one. This may signal onset of dementia/Alzheimer’s disease. Competent senior home care providers are well-equipped to deal with these problems.

3.     There are remarkable and unexplained personality changes in your parent. This may require constant supervision by an expert, accompanied by proper counseling and medication as required.

All the above would leave a layman bewildered, so it would be better to consult experts. Since we are dealing with a dependent, who may be spending a lot of time alone, it would be wise to entrust them under the care of a good senior home care agency.

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