Medical professionals are human, and they make mistakes. At times, however, this mistake is due to negligence on their part. Does this mean a person should hire a medical negligence lawyer in Upper Marlboro, MD? First and foremost, individuals need to realize that medical negligence is only one part of a valid malpractice case. To file a suit against a medical professional, the person wishing to file suit must also be able to show that the negligence led to them being injured. It’s not enough to state someone has been negligent. These must be consequences of this action to proceed.

The Standard of Care

Every medical professional is bound by duty to provide treatment that meets the medical standard of care. What this means is that they must provide the same type and level of care that any reasonably skilled and competent professional in the field would provide. The key is the professionals being compared must work in the same community and have similar backgrounds. For example, a pediatrician cannot be compared to an oncologist because they work in different communities. Pediatricians should be evaluated to determine if their treatment was in line with other pediatricians when assessing whether negligence occurred.

Medical Malpractice

While any person may be negligent at times, the courts have ruled that a malpractice suit is only allowed when the negligence has led to injuries and additional medical costs. If the doctor could not foresee that their actions would be harmful to the patient, there is no suit. Furthermore, if these actions didn’t result in any injury and medical expenses incurred as a result of this injury, a suit may not be filed. Only when negligence, causation and damages can be provided will the attorney be able to build a case for medical malpractice.

If you have been injured by a medical professional, if it time to contact a medical negligence lawyer in Upper Marlboro, MD. They look at the facts of the case to determine if it rises to the level of malpractice and what steps should be taken if it does. visit us to learn more about medical negligence, malpractice, and more. Many individuals don’t understand the differences between the various terms and our team is here to help. Contact the office today to set up an appointment.

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