Metal workpieces rarely emerge from a process completely free from scratches or burrs when the process involves stamping, molding, milling, drilling, and grinding. Manufacturers expect their components to be finished, ready to meld into the designated product. Finishers are fully aware of the need to do more than polish a piece. In many instances, it is essential for even the smallest shop in Grand Rapids to employ some form of deburring process. For those who want to avoid the risk of causing more defects and imperfections, the choice is obvious. They turn to thermal deburring services or TEM.

Why Use TEM?

For finishing shops, TEM is one means of achieving a perfect finish. It offers several advantages over more traditional and abrasive mechanical methods such as tumbling and vibratory deburring. This method

1. Is gentle, producing a scratch and burr-free workpiece

2. Is able to remove difficult to reach and interior burrs

3. Can provide deburred and clean edges faster than other methods can

4. Provides uniform results consistently

5. Does not change the dimensions,

6. While many shops in Grand Rapids use TEM on low carbon and alloy steel parts, it is also capable of removing burrs from non-ferrous components

Yet, these are not the sole reasons companies turn to thermal deburring services to finish their parts. They find the process is suited to automation. As a result, it reduces the human error factor. However, one of the most popular reasons for requesting TEM over other methods is its cost-effectiveness.

Thermal Deburring Services

For finishing shops in Grand Rapids looking for a way to remove burrs effectively, efficiently and quickly, a non-traditional process may prove to be the answer. While conventional methods such as vibratory deburring are suitable for many jobs, those working with metals that scratch easily, another more gentle process is available. These are efficient thermal deburring services.

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