The Veterans Administration offers its own system of benefits to members of the military as well as their dependents. However, just as with Social Security disability, gaining access to these benefits requires you to follow a precise process to prove your eligibility.

The process for applying for benefits through the VA Department of Veterans Affairs can begin in person or online. You may find the application and judicial processes easier to navigate if you hire an experienced VA benefits lawyer to represent you.

Submitting the Application

You have the choice of submitting a paper or online application to start the process of accessing benefits you paid into as an active duty member of the military. The VA Department of Veterans Affairs makes this application available on its website. You can also print off and submit the application in person to your local Veterans Administration office.

Regardless of how you submit the application, you may be asked to submit documents like medical records and proof of your current income and address. Without these documents, your application could be delayed or rejected.

Hiring an Attorney

It can be a challenge to figure out what exactly the VA requires of you when you put in an application for benefits. Rather than risk the viability of your case, you could hire a VA benefits lawyer to represent you.

Your lawyer will know what paperwork must be submitted along with your application. He or she will also be able to submit proof of your disability and appear with you before the judge during your court hearing. If your initial argument is denied, your lawyer could file an immediate appeal to have your case heard again.

Applying for VA benefits can be challenging. You might simplify the process and get the results you want by hiring a skilled attorney to help you.

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