Being in an environment where you don’t have access to air conditioning can be a challenge. It’s uncomfortable because you are hot and sweaty, which can begin to impact your health and mental mood. An option that you have until you are able to be near an air conditioner or a larger fan is a clip on fan. These are often small in size and can be clipped on your clothing or on a piece of furniture that is nearby.

When you use this type of fan, try to keep it within a safe distance of your body so that you don’t come in contact with the blades. A way to make you feel cooler would be to spray the fan with water. As the water is blown in your direction, you’ll feel the coolness of both the water droplets and the air. These fans aren’t meant to provide a substantial amount of cool air, but they are a good option for personal use. You can put them in a vehicle so that you have a way to stay cool if your air doesn’t work. A clip on fan can also be positioned near your bed at night to keep the air around you circulating. When you sleep with air flowing, it can sometimes make it easier to breathe at night, which then means a better night’s sleep.

Some fans are a bit larger than a personal one that can be clipped to your clothing or right next to you. They often have a large clip that can be attached to a desk or a table. This is beneficial to have if you work in an office and other people might like for the temperature to be a bit warmer while you want to stay cool and comfortable in the room.

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