Lights on paneling and control devices are essential to providing a reliable user interface. Despite the ubiquitous nature of this lighting, not all lights are the same, and newer technologies can provide benefits over older lighting technology. Here are a few reasons why businesses are turning toward LED lighting.

Better Efficiency

Control panel lighting takes up little energy in general, but panel mount LED lighting and other technologies offer the best efficiency available. In addition to cutting back on energy usage, more efficient LED lighting can also expand the longevity of battery-powered devices. Furthermore, the better efficiency means LED lighting generates less heat waste, which can save companies money on cooling bills.

Better Longevity

Lighting on control interfaces sometimes needs to be replaced. While the replacement itself generally isn’t difficult, it typically entails rendering the equipment unusable for a period of time. With panel mount LED lighting, the expected lifespan per light rises dramatically, meaning fewer replacements. This longevity is especially useful in places where service calls are expensive or require bringing in a certified expert.

Robust Design

Incandescent lighting, which remains common on control boards and other interfaces, is known for being fairly brittle. LED lighting has a few advantages that make it more robust. The small size of panel mount LED lighting leaves less surface area for brunt impact, lessening the chances of breaking. It’s also easier to place LED lighting in more robust casing because of its small size and the less heat it produces.

LED lighting has been around for decades, but industry momentum has led many companies to stick with incandescent lighting. However, companies can use drop-in LED lighting replacements in equipment, no matter how old it is, to enjoy the benefits the technology provides.

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