A power outage can be a huge annoyance, and leave a family without the items they need to live normally. While short periods of time without electricity can be tolerated, extended outages can create massive issues and cause a home to be in complete disarray. One of the best ways to combat a power outage is to install a power generator. It will start the minute a power failure is detected and can have a home operating normally in a matter of seconds. Here is what is involved with Generator Installation in Scranton PA.

Site Preparation

The first step is to determine the location of the generator. The technician will advise on the best spot, and ensure that it will be easy to run the necessary electrical and gas lines to the unit. If a gas tank or line doesn’t already exist on the property, they will need to install this first, as it is what will power the unit. Once these elements are in place, they can begin the process of connecting the generator to a home’s existing electrical system.

Electrical Connections

Most homeowners choose to purchase a smaller generator that will power the most critical electronics in their home. This typically includes the home’s refrigerators, security system, heating and cooling components, and water heater. They technician will install a secondary circuit breaker and run lines to these elements in the home. They will then connect the circuit breaker to the generator with a power load switch that will activate the generator when a power failure is detected.

System Testing

Once Generator Installation in Scranton PA is complete, they will then begin testing the equipment to ensure it is operating efficiently. The generator will be powered by a gasoline engine and will require adjustments to ensure its throttle position is at the appropriate setting. Once the system is tested and operating, the installation will be complete. Most generators will require regular maintenance to keep them working dependably.

Thanks to generators, no one has to be inconvenienced due to a power outage. To learn more about how a generator works and to get a quote, contact Quality Electric. Their team of licensed professionals can help install a generator and address any other electrical issues that may arise. Call today to schedule an estimate, and never be left in the dark again.

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