If you want a new hobby, finding, collecting, and turning in scrap metal pieces for recycling might be something you enjoy.  Not only can it be fun to watch for scrap metal pieces everywhere you go, but it can also be helpful to the environment and even profitable.

Once you begin to learn what types of scrap metal pieces pay the most money and where to find them, you might wonder where you are going to store the items you have found until you turn them into the recycling center for money.  You will also need to figure out how to sort the scrap metal pieces.  Look around your property and see where you might have space.  You could use a corner of your garage or a part of your backyard that does not show to the streets.  If you live in an apartment, you might have a friend who would let you store your items.  Or you could rent a storage space for the scrap metal pieces and some of your own stuff.

Once you have a place to store your scrap metal pieces, you will want to make sure you keep things sorted so they are easier to turn in later.  If you keep the piles separated, they will be easier to recognize and categorize as you collect your scrap metal pieces.  Stack all of your aluminum items in one area and use another stack for car batteries.  Copper should be separated as well and you might even want a few subcategories in order to keep the types of metals separate based on light and heavy weights.  Each time of metal you have should be separate so you have a system that is easy for you to manage as you collect scarp pieces of metal.

When your piles begin to get large enough, you need to know where you can go to get money for your scrap pieces of metal.  There are scrap metal dealers all around the country and some recycling centers will also take your metal for cash returns.  Some places will not accept all metals like iron and copper, which are too common, but they might be interested in less common metals like chromium.  Before your piles get too large, make sure that you know which place will take what kind of scrap pieces of metal so you are prepared.  If one place offers more money for a certain kind of metal than others, you will want to know that as well so you can optimize your return.

Collecting scrap pieces of metal does not have to take you much time and it can be a fun venture.  You can also make money and help the recycling cause at the same time.

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