If you have just encountered a fire at your premises, it is important to act fast so as to salvage what has been left and to prevent further damage. Below are the steps you can follow to restore your house after a fire damage Vancouver.

1. Contact your insurance company- If you have insured your property against disasters, the first step will be to call the insurer immediately the fire is put off. This way you will be able to know how much you will get form the company to cover the fire damage. Some insurance companies will give a certain lump sum to you whereas in some case they will only cover the expenses taken to clean and renovate the house. In case you did not have an insurance policy, then you will have to use part of your savings to clean up the house. So make a budget and identify how much you can spend on the restoration. This will be very useful in determining which services are affordable to you.

2. Find a suitable professional company to do the cleaning and repairs to the damaged structures. You can ask for recommendations from the insurance company or do a research on fire damage restoration companies on the internet. If you are paying for the services yourself, it is advisable to look at the charges from different companies and then choose the one which is most reasonable.

3. Identify the things that are damaged beyond repair and throw them away. If they are heavy you can request the professional company to remove them from your house and dispose them properly. Disposing the useless items will make cleaning easier and faster.

4. Have the fire damage restoration company come in and start on the cleaning and restoration process. You can stay at the premises and supervise the cleaning process or if you are working you can go to the office as your house is cleaned. This is why it is important to choose a company with a good reputation so that your property will be safe when you are away.

5. Once the restoration is complete, it is necessary to put safety and precautionary measures in place so as to prevent damage in future. You can ask the restoration company for advice on what measures you should put in place.

6. If the fire damage Vancouver caused you emotional disturbance, then it is advisable to seek counseling. Counseling is also important for your children if they were around when the fire happened. Even if they do not look traumatized, it is important to seek the services of a professional counselor so that they can express what they feel and to get the necessary advice.

Fire damage – in Vancouver needs to be handled properly. Visit our website and we will help you deal with such an encounter.

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