While you can apply for social security disability online, you still need legal assistance to make sure you reduce any miscommunication along these lines. By scheduling an appointment with an attorney, he or she can help you better understand your rights.

Social Security Disability Claim Requirements

When you work with a social security disability lawyer in Wabash, Indiana, he or she will go over the eligibility rights for a claim. You can file for disability if you meet the following requirements:

  *    You are 18 or over

  *    You are not receiving social security benefits currently

  *    You cannot work because of a medical condition that is expected to last at least a year, or end in death

  *    You have not been denied for social security disability within the last 60 days

Again, you can file for benefits yourself online. However, by turning to a social security disability lawyer for direction, you more likely to have your claim accepted. Even if you are denied, he or she will know what to do to appeal the claim.

What Happens after a Claim Is Submitted?

After a claim is accepted online, you normally receive confirmation by mail or e-mail. The agency may contact you if it needs more information. You can keep this from happening if you work with a lawyer. After a decision is made for a claim, it is mailed to the applicant.

When filing a claim with a social security disability lawyer, it also helps to go over the adult disability checklist provided by the government. This checklist allows you to see what conditions and illnesses qualify for benefits. Take a thorough look at the list before making a filing.

Besides filing for benefits online, you can also have a claim processed by applying by phone or visiting your local social security office. Learn more about filing a claim by visiting Mathenyhahndenmanlaw.com online. Do all you can to ensure that you receive the money you need and deserve.

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