There are so many wondrous, breathtaking, and awe inspiring helicopter tours available in the world. They have gotten more popular and more affordable. The internet is full of websites marketing their tours to the masses. There are tours in Europe, Africa, Asia, and even New Zealand. There are many available here in the United States, too. What are some of the best places to take a helicopter tour?

New York City – One of the top destinations in the world, New York boasts something for everyone. There are popular (and not so popular) Broadway plays to attend, the Empire State Building to ascend, and Central Park to explore. At times it can seem overwhelming because there are so many iconic places to visit in New York. The average person might not be able to see everything they want to see in one trip. However, if you take a helicopter tour you just might be able to see everything you want to see. There are a variety of tours available. Some will take you to Ellis Island and the Statute of Liberty. Others will take you to the Financial District and the Empire State Building. Still others will take you to all of these places plus the Brooklyn Bridge and other famous landmarks. Seeing the New York City skyline from on high is truly a fascinating experience and one that is highly recommended.

The Rocky Mountains – Snow tipped mountain ranges and white water rafting. Who could ask for more? Helicopter tours of the Rocky Mountains will leave you in awe at the majesty and mightiness of this mountain range. There are multiple tours available here, too. You can do a quick tour, a half day tour, or a full day tour. The cool thing about the longer tours is the other activities that are involved. Fly through the mountains, look down at the wild river or some wild life below, and then land. After the landing you get to enjoy a scrumptious meal and perhaps do some white water rafting in the river that you flew over just moments ago.

The Grand Canyon – One of the most incredible sights to be seen in the United States is the Grand Canyon. By touring it via helicopter you will be able to enjoy the whole canyon and its valley, instead of just simply looking down into the canyon. It’s an adventure not everyone can say they’ve had.

If you’re looking to plan your next vacation, make sure you take a look at some helicopter tour options. These tours will allow you the opportunity to see more than the average vacationer, and you will enjoy some sights that will take your breath away.

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