Dentures are prosthetic teeth used to replace missing teeth due to injury or decay. Traditionally, most dental patients received dentures that fit over the gum line. New technology and dental practices now allow dentists to apply denture implants. Spring, TX patients who need full or partial dentures can inquire about which type of dental application would be best based on current dental health. Most patients will be candidates for denture implants, but only your dentist can tell you for sure which prosthetic replacements are right for you.

The Basics of Traditional Dentures

The need for full dentures occurs when tooth decay requires the extraction of all or most of a patient’s teeth. If a dentist needs to remove the majority of a patient’s teeth, he or she will recommend the removal of the remaining teeth so that a full replacement can fix the problem. Traditional dentures are either medical grade plastic prosthetics or porcelain prosthetics. They resemble the appearance of the roof of your mouth and the gum line for the top teeth, and the bottom gum line and teeth for the lower teeth.

They’re completely removable for cleaning, and there are restrictions as to what you can eat with traditional dentures. The quality of the dentures does affect the price, so patients will find that these dentures run from affordable to expensive based on materials used to create the teeth. Patients who undergo extractions should wait for the gums to heal before placement of the dentures, which will allow for a better fit and less future problems.

The Basics of Denture Implants

With denture implants, Spring, TX dentists use titanium screws inserted into the gum line. These screws will fuse with the existing bone within the jaw line to create a permanent replacement tooth root. If the bone doesn’t fuse well with the implant, the dentist can perform bone grafting surgery to help improve implantation of the screw. It takes a couple of months for the gums to heal and the bone to fuse to the titanium. Once the gums heal, the dentist creates prosthetic teeth that click onto the implants and become permanent replacement teeth. Unlike traditional implants, these are not removable, have few restrictions, and are cared for just like regular teeth.

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