Searching for the right kind of flooring? flooring provides a base for the tone of a room. The number of flooring options can be overwhelming. Keep it simple by narrowing the search down to a few broad categories.


Hardwood flooring is always in demand. With its timeless elegance and durability, however, comes a high price for its installation and maintenance. Solid wood floors are created with pieces of wood that can be sanded and refinished over and over. Engineered wood flooring has real wood only in the top layer, which is backed by plywood. Engineered wood is cheaper and less sensitive to changes in temperature and moisture than solid hardwood.


Laminate floors are an even cheaper alternative to engineered wood. The two are quite similar, the exception being laminate’s top layer is not real wood, but plywood coated with plastic and painted with photorealistic textures replicating wood, tile, or stone.


Carpet fibers can be completely synthetic, all natural, or a blend of the two. The most popular material, nylon, is often chosen for its longevity, softness, affordability, and resistance to stains. Polyester, which is often created from recycled materials, is capable of holding bright, eye-catching colors, but the fibers will be compressed if it is under heavy furniture. Different varieties of carpet pile, made with looped fibers, are available according to the heaviness of traffic it is intended for.


Ceramic tile flooring is available in porcelain and non-porcelain types, both of which can be topped with different glosses and finishes. Natural stone tile such as marble and limestone are popular choices. Granite and slate do well for kitchen floors.

Capri Cork/Bamboo


While not as used as often as the types, it is starting to become more common for residential use. Rubber floors are usually created from recycled materials, so it is another environmentally-friendly option. Rubber is also easy to maintain and is perfect for home gyms.

Choose a floor that is best suited to the room. Pay attention to flooring in Honolulu that goes well with its functionality and interior decor. The right kind of flooring material will help to set the atmosphere for each room.

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