Mold is a serious problem, and an owner should never guess if there’s a problem with their structure because they can contact a Mold Inspection Service in Miami Beach. Mold can ruin a structure and cause health problems with occupants in a building. If an owner notices a musty smell in their building, there’s a good chance they have a mold problem that should be investigated.

Mold is everywhere in the environment in varying concentrations. When a building suffered water damage or has poor ventilation, mold levels will increase. Once mold has developed in a building, mold spores will break loose and travel throughout a building, causing more mold growth.

How Is Mold Eliminated?

The first step in removing mold from a building is removing the water source. If there are leaks, poor ventilation, flooding, or any other type of water source affecting a building, it must be eliminated before Mold Inspection Service in Miami Beach can take place.

Once the water is eliminated, it is recommended that the mold be tested. Identifying the type of mold is key to the type of mold removal that needs to be performed. An experienced mold removal company can identify the full extent of the water damage and mold and use moisture detectors to see hidden moisture in the walls or ceilings.

Water Removal

When a water event occurs, it’s important to contact an experienced water and mold removal company for emergency service. A team of technicians will immediately arrive and begin water removal and water extraction services. Once the water is removed, drying and dehumidification of the structure and its contents will begin.

If mold has developed, it is very important to have it removed and any odors treated. Any materials such as rugs, furniture, and drywall that are water damaged will be removed from the structure. If necessary, reconstruction of the area will take place by the same company that performs the water and mold remediation.

If your home or business recently suffered water damage or has a musty smell in the building, mold investigation and removal should be considered. PuroClean of Aventura provides outstanding mold removal and restoration services in the Miami Beach area.

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