What if there were a one-stop metal shop turning out traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art fabrication 24 hours a day? From a full array of raw materials to beautifully finished products, Specialty Metals provides an endless supply of options for everyday customers to high-volume wholesalers from Seattle to surrounding areas and beyond. Whether you are stopping in for one small piece of metal, stocking up your chain of stores, or needing a custom finish, we deliver old fashioned service with seasoned efficiency.

Metals and Materials Cut to Precision

Seasoned technicians work round the clock forming almost any known material to your specifications. With over 38 years in business, we have refined the processing of every known application, taking full advantage of the latest in technology and equipment. No matter the material, no matter how thick or thin, small or big the quantity, we never cut corners but cut to consistent precision every time.

Our full range of metals and materials in stock is matched by our full spectrum of in-house cutting services. Services range from jet cutting soft wood to harder stone or clean cutting sheet and other structural materials with the laser. For more customized patterns, we computerize cuts to include carbon, stainless steel, aluminum plating, or alloys for high quality, economic value.

Every Selection of Metals, Materials, and Parts for Every Need

From pre-cut to the most intricate custom cut, and raw to finished, customers of every kind find parts and products for every purpose in our shop. Find all thickness and shapes of the best quality stainless steel and aluminum, carbon and weathering steel as well as alloys and hard to find products like brass, nickel, plastics, titanium, valves and fittings, copper metal roofing and exotic metals.

We specialize in hard-to-find products, while at the same time source any hard-to-fine products we might not have in stock. With sources all over the country, we can usually find exotic metals or out of the way product quickly.

In the meantime, expect dedicated service whether you need same-day pickup for all kinds of cuts or specialized consultation for more intricate or personalized projects.

Visit the website for Metal Fabrication in Seattle WA and surrounding areas.

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