Air conditioning systems are a mandatory part of our lives today and with the effects of global warming continuously causing frequent undesired changes in climate, it is important to have an air conditioning system that will insulate your house from the harmful external environmental temperatures around your home. Air conditioning systems therefore carryout the function of preventing any extreme changes in the temperature conditions in homes, offices or public buildings making them habitable. Air conditioning repair is a mandatory part of maintaining these air-conditioning systems since they have electrical and mechanical components, which have the tendency to breakdown once in a while.

In order to understand air conditioning repair, Cranberry PA, it is important to have a clear understanding of how the system works since it is based on knowledge of the system that air conditioning technicians are able to pinpoint the exact source of breakdowns and repair them. Your air conditioning system is made up of several parts that work together to produce the required temperature changes and the first part to learn about is the Heat pump compressor. This is a crucial part that compresses the refrigerant and changes it into either air or gas depending on the direction of the cycle. Most compressors are installed outside the house and are run by electric current.

Air conditioning repair of compressors should be left to refrigeration technicians alone since this is a pressurised vessel that can cause serious permanent injuries if meddled with.

The condensing unit is also an important part of an air conditioning system; it is responsible for cooling the refrigerant after it has passed through the compressor. The refrigerant upon leaving the compressor is usually at very high temperature, in the condenser it can be cooled as a stage in the cooling cycle, and where heating is taking place, the heat from the compressed refrigerant is used for heating. Air conditioning repair, Cranberry PA of compressors involves cleaning it and dealing with any leaks at this stage of the cycle.

Every air conditioning system has to have a metering device that tells the whole system when to turn on or when to turn off. Problems related to the system going off to early can be dealt with by checking the metering device. This can be the thermostat or capillaries.

The cooling air is derived from the evaporator or cooling coil, this is the stage where the cool refrigerant liquid evaporates absorbing any heat and therefore resulting in the cool air required. Any problems with the evaporator involve insufficient cooling. Air conditioning repair and maintenance of evaporators is important for ensuring efficiency of the entire system. Other parts such as fans and duct are responsible for distributing the cool or warm air.

With proper knowledge of the above parts, and problems in the system can be easily pin pointed making repair faster.

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