The choice to adopt a child is a big one and one that will change your entire life and that of the child. It isn’t to be made lightly. However, before Adoption in Tulsa, it’s necessary to take a few things into consideration.

Type of Adoption

There are so many choices when it comes to adoption. These include whether to adopt and infant or an older child, whether to adopt a child in the United States or adopt one from another country and whether to have an open or closed adoption. Other choices include whether you’re open to a child with special needs, one with a different race than your own or whether you’re willing to adopt siblings to help keep them together. All of these choices can affect the availability of children and the length of time it’s necessary to wait before the adoption can be completed.

Adoption Agency

It’s common to use an agency to help arrange an adoption in Tulsa, although there’s also the option of using an adoption facilitator or arranging a private adoption that isn’t through an agency but through an attorney. Adoption agencies can be public or private. Public adoption agencies help place children in the foster care system and are usually funded by the government, while private agencies can deal in either domestic or international adoptions. Adoptions through private agencies tend to be more expensive, ranging in price from $20,000 to $40,000 in many cases.

Home Study

Adoptions require a home study, which can involve quite a lot of paperwork and up to 6 months of your time. This study will make sure that your home and family are suitable for an adoption and help figure out what type of child might be the best fit for you. Prospective adoptive families will need to prove they’re in good health and get a criminal history background check to prove they’re suitable parents. They’ll also have to allow an inspection of their finances to show that they can afford to take care of any child that they may adopt.

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