Oklahoma adoptions follow specific guidelines to protect the mother and the child. These guidelines identify the requirements for the birth parents and laws that apply to their circumstances. An adoption agency helps these parents to make decisions about Giving A Child For Adoption in Tulsa.

Who Covers the Medical Expenses?

After the birth parents sign a contract with the adoption agency, they cover all maternity costs for the mother. This may include the postpartum care for the mother until she is released from the hospital as well as the six-weeks checkup. The adoption agency covers the cost of medical coverage for the baby prior to the completion of the adoption.

Can the Birth Parents Maintain Contact with the Child?

The adoption contract dictates how much contact the birth parents have with the child. This depends on the preferences of the birth and adoptive parents. In some cases, the birth parent may receive updates from the adoptive parents such as photographs and letters. Adoptive parents may allow the birth parents to have limited visitation rights.

Before and After Counseling

Birth parents are encouraged to seek counseling before making this decision. A counselor helps them to discuss their reasons for placing the child up for adoption. This is their opportunity to explore all possible options.

Counseling after the adoption is final is also a great idea. It helps the mother to address any postpartum depression they are facing. It also helps them to come to terms with their decision. This is a difficult and life-changing decision. For some parents, an ongoing counselor is advised.

Contact After the Child Becomes an Adult

A major challenge of Giving A Child For Adoption in Tulsa area is what will happen after the child grows up. During the adoption process, the parents must discuss this probability. They should determine the best course of action if the child wants to meet their birth parents upon becoming an adult.

Giving A Child For Adoption is a decision that should be made after thorough consideration. The birth parents lose their parental rights after the process is finalized. If they have any questions or concerns, they should ask before the legal aspect of the process begins. To learn more about this process, contact an adoption agency now.

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