Choosing the right stain color for wood is not all that complicated, as most wood is very forgiving and can look very natural with most colors of stain. When selecting a stain for a large item, such as stained doors or wooden cabinets, you do have to be careful to get the right match.

Keep in mind there are some cases where you want a darker, richer color with stained doors, so starting with a darker wood, such as mahogany, may be the best option. Conversely, if you want a lighter, mellower look consider an oak or an alder that is not as dark or red looking.

Natural Color of the Wood

The natural color of the wood will most effect stained doors if you are choosing a lighter colored stain and have a darker colored wood. This often creates a different color than either the stain or the wood, which can be very difficult to recreate.

If you want stained doors to match with other wood trims or furniture in the room, always choose a lighter wood and stay light or go darker with the stain. Also, watch for tones in the wood, a red tone in a natural wood does best with a red tone in the stain.

Cover or Enhance

If you wish to bring out the grain of the wood, a lighter stain with a sealer to enhance the rich colors in the wood is a great option. Stained doors for the exterior and the interior can be treated with UV sealant and stains to limit any discoloration or fading from direct exposure to the sun. The sealant will prevent moisture from damaging the wood and changing the color.

To enhance the natural beauty of Knotty Alder or mahogany stained doors consider a more transparent stain that won’t cover but will enhance the subtle variations.

Other Wood and Design Colors

Stained doors can also be selected to blend with other woods used in the room including moldings, window frames and even hardwood flooring. However, you don’t have to match the wood stain color if you don’t like the look.

More and more interior designers are mixing and matching different wood colors and stains to create different emphasis areas and to focus on specific elements in the room. Darker or lighter stained doors can be matched with contrasting wood colors to create a look all of your own.

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