You have fallen out of love and cannot possibly afford all the debt that you have accumulated as a couple. So, now you need to file for a divorce and bankruptcy. Let us take a look at what you need to do. First we will look at getting a Divorce Attorney Waukesha WI.

Start asking friend who have had a divorce for their recommendations. If you have a simple sign on the dotted line, both parties agree on everything, no kids involved, you can actually have a simple divorce. This type of divorce would only require a lawyer to fill out the proper forms. Otherwise, you both will need lawyers to get what is fair for you both. This can get costly.

Now, that you have a list, you should first check them out with the state bar. Keep in mind that people who aren’t happy with the results of their divorce may sue their Divorce Attorney Waukesha WI. They can still be a good lawyer though. Then start interviewing the lawyers. Once, you have interviewed them all you need to do is pick one and go over your case with them to the tiniest details.

After you have finished up your divorce, you will pay your Divorce Attorney Waukesha WI the appropriate fees. As for the bankruptcy, some divorce lawyers may also know about bankruptcy law. If your lawyer doesn’t, then you will need a Bankruptcy Lawyer. They can go through all of your assets and finances with you. From here they will be able to tell you if you even qualify to file bankruptcy. If you do qualify, then you and your Bankruptcy Lawyer will decide on Chapter 7 or 13. The difference between the two is Chapter 7 requires the sale of your assets by a court appointed trustee, while Chapter 13 requires you to repay your debt through a repayment plan approved by the court. Chapter 13 also allows you to keep some of your property.

Now, you have enough information to obtain that much wanted divorce to know that if you and your current spouse can work out your divorce terms, it will be cheaper. Also, you can file for bankruptcy to get the debtors off your back. An end to a long relationship that was financially straining.

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