While a home renovation project can be very exciting for a family, it can also produce a lot of debris. Having a dumpster onsite in order to conveniently dispose of trash and unusable items allowing for debris haul away in Ft Lauderdale FL is ideal, the same can be said for salvageable items that can be put to better use. From recycling to junk removal, here are some options on how to handle them.

Recycle or Donate

Some pieces may not hold much value to a family anymore, but that doesn’t mean that someone else might find them useful. This is especially true of items like doors, windows, and tools. These items can be heavy, difficult, and sometimes unsafe to dispose of alone. Consider hiring a junk recycling company to pick the pieces up and take care of hauling them away. They’ll handle them safely and recycle what they can, then donate the rest.

Repurpose Items

In some situations, people are able to make use of something that looks like junk. For example, taking an old window frame and adding a mirror to it makes for a great piece over a fireplace. Then, the process of painting a piece of furniture in a distressed style will add a nice rustic touch to any home’s décor. Also, consider using any wood items for outdoor gardening projects.

Tossing Items

Typical renovation debris doesn’t fall into the same category as everyday household trash. Also, it’s not easy to haul away wood, plumbing materials, plaster, and other materials outside and into a dumpster. This is where having someone come in and remove these items makes sense. Once the items that one is sure they aren’t going to keep are weeded out, trust a disposal service to take the debris where it belongs without having to worry about polluting the environment.

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