There are definite reasons to be sensitive about one’s appearance. No one want to be known as that person who wears a new outfit, but allows their teeth to become sadly neglected. It sends a sign that personal priorities may not be in order, and can drive away prospective friends and acquaintances.

This doesn’t have to be the case. All it takes are routine visits to a dentist in your local neighborhood to establish good dental health. For that person who has not visited a dental office in recent years, the procedures and equipment have changed so much as to be unrecognizable. Everything from simple diagnostic tools like x-rays to cosmetic treatments like tooth whitening can be performed during a single appointment.

Tooth Fillings to replace tooth decay has been utterly transformed. Unlike in decades past, patients no longer leave the dental chair with silver filled teeth. On the contrary, today’s Tooth Fillings are made with composite and porcelain materials. Once they have been placed in the mouth, patients can laugh, smile or yawn as wide as they want. No one will ever know which tooth has been treated.

When the physical exam and a cleaning with the dental hygienist has been completed, patients often ask the doctor about cosmetic procedures. These advances in dentistry are able to whiten teeth darkened by age in as little as one office session. While home based bleaching kits lighten teeth slightly, in-office professional whiteners are able to remake teeth as much as six shades lighter.

For that person who is missing teeth, the dentist will have a plan for that as well. A tooth that is cracked or broken can be covered with porcelain veneers. Should teeth be missing altogether, they will be replaced permanently with crowns or dental implants. As to what type of treatment will be used, the doctor makes the decision based on the patient and their individual needs.

If you have been looking for a family dentist in Panama City, click for more info. The web pages of not only describe the most common dental treatments, but contain contact information for current and prospective patients to schedule future appointments online.

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