Taking a warm bath is the perfect way for many people to relax and maintain their personal hygiene. Older or disabled people may have trouble getting in or out of a standard bathtub. It can rob them of their independence and dignity when they require help. Walk-in Tubs are a solution that can be easily installed in a typical bathroom. Many people can bathe again without assistance. They only have to open the door to the bathtub and then sit down on the seat.

Walk-in Tubs have several options that people can choose to personalize their bathing experience. The first is a heated seat. This safe heating system warms up in only a few minutes. It prevents the person from being uncomfortable while they wait for the tub to fill with warm water. It maintains the temperature during the person bathes. The warm seat also extends up the side of the tub. This allows a person’s back to receive effective heat therapy, which can help alleviate back pain. The warm seat and back also prevents chills as the person waits for the tub to drain. Special sensors prevent the area from overheating and burning sensitive skin.

A person can also choose to have air jets and water jets installed to create a spa experience. Air jets provide a very light massage to revitalize the skin and calm the nervous system. They can also rev up circulation and the lymphatic system. Water jets provide a deeper massage that can help relax tight muscles in the back and legs. They can also make feet feel energized. Many people prefer a dual massage system that includes both air and water jets. This allows them to customize their therapy on any given day.

People appreciate feeling safe in their bathroom. They don’t have to worry about climbing over the edge of the bathtub to take a shower. They no longer have to place a rickety folding chair in the shower, so they can sit down. Guedes Construction Inc. is one of the companies that remodels bathrooms in the San Diego area. They can show people how to easily incorporate a walk-in tub into their bathroom. You can like them on Facebook.


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