A Slip And Fall Attorney in Bremerton focuses his or her efforts toward proving fault in a premises liability case. The objective of these claims is to provide sufficient evidence that pinpoints how the accused is culpable. The next step is to offer insight into the injuries sustained and provide medical support that shows the judge how traumatic these injuries were for the victim. A combination of these measures affords the victim with an effective chance of winning a monetary award. To discuss a premises liabilities case with an attorney contact Otto Law Offices.

Your Full-Service Accident Attorney

The Otto Law Offices provide victims of premises liabilities with effective legal representation that pinpoints how the accused is linked to the victim’s injuries. These links allow the attorney to afford you with the opportunity to file an effective claim through the civil court and fight for compensation. This compensation covers medical costs for the individual and in some cases pain and suffering. If the injury presents the probability of a permanent disability, you may qualify for additional benefits.

When you are injured at a public event or within an area that is open to the public such as a department store, you have the legal right to file a claim if the owner fails to cover the cost of medical treatment required for injury. If you were injured due to a safety failure or other occurrence within these public areas, contact the Otto Law Offices or visit their website at Anthonyotto.com.


Your Slip And Fall Attorney in Bremerton assists you in fighting for compensation that you are entitled to receive after an injury. During public events, injuries are probable when there is a lack of security and other personnel monitoring the area for potential hazards. When an individual is injured, it is up to the owner or host of the event to ensure that the medical attention required by this individual is covered.

However, in some cases, these owners or hosts will refuse to compensate the injured for these injuries. When this the case it is necessary to discuss these matters with an attorney. If you were injured due safety hazards that were unmarked or monitored contact the Otto Law Offices promptly.


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