Garage doors are a convenient way to enter a home. A homeowner has a nice space to pull into rather than running back and forth through heat, rain, or snow. However, burglars often target garage doors to obtain access to the property. Here are ways to safeguard the garage doors from unwanted intruders.

Examine the door

Homeowners may think that the garage door does not have to be tended to unless there is some type of problem with it. However, they should examine it regularly for signs of wear and tear. Cracks could occur in the door along with spaces in the weather-stripping. These weak points are often caused by the ice and snow that comes with winter weather. It’s always a good idea to do an extra inspection of residential garage doors in Clearwater, FL, after severe weather has occurred. A garage door specialist can help mend the door to keep intruders taking advantages of the vulnerable areas.

Conceal the opener

Attaching the garage door opener to the sun visor is a convenient way for homeowners to reach it when they need to. Unfortunately, these can be taken from the car when the homeowner is at work or shopping at a store. All a thief would need is the insurance card from the glove box to learn the address that goes along with the opener. To better protect themselves, homeowners should conceal the opener by locking it in the glove box or keeping it on them. These extra steps may seem inconvenient but they come with peace of mind about the safety of residential garage doors in Clearwater ,FL.

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