What Do You Get From a Good Disability Lawyer in Maryville, Tennessee?

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Lawyers

Disability lawyers in Maryville, TN can assist you with your SSDI application. They can help you with the appeals process, and you have the comfort of knowing that the fees they charge you are capped by law.

A disability lawyer provides legal aid to individuals applying for Social Security disability insurance. A person can apply for SSDI on their own. However, it is notoriously difficult for a person who applies on their own to get approved. A person has to show that their disability meets the criteria laid out by the Social Security Administration. This requires gathering a whole host of medical documentation.

Disability lawyers in Maryville, TN cannot guarantee that you will get benefits. However, working with an attorney does give you a leg up. Applicants who have an attorney represent them in hearings before judges and appeals have an almost three times better chance of getting the outcome they are looking for.

Disability lawyers get paid on contingency. This means that getting paid is dependent on your claim getting approved. Disability lawyers in Maryville, TN have limits set on them by the government as to how much they can charge in fees. Those fees will be deducted from past-due disability benefits.

A good disability lawyer is going to evaluate whether or not you have a case. They will assist you in reviewing medical records, interacting with medical providers, and requesting copies of records. They will prepare the documentation to appeal a denied application, and they will represent you if your appeal is denied.

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