If you have done your research and decided that getting a vehicle title loan in Arizona is a step you want to take because the amount of money you need and the payment terms are going to work out well for you, then you need to go to a lender that offers these sorts of loans.  Each place, whether it is a chain of lenders, or whether it is an individual establishment, will have their own requirements as to what you need to bring.   So these guidelines are not specific to any particular place they are just general suggestions that most places require.

First of all, you have to take the car to the lender.  They have to be able to see what kind of shape it is in and whether it runs or not.  They also have to find out what kind of mileage it has on it, as that all has to do with the value of the car.  The vehicle title loan in Arizona will be against the value of the car, so they obviously have to be able to give it a quick visual appraisal.  You also need to take in the title and your name has to be on it if you are the one getting the loan.  If other people are listed as owners on the title, they will also be required to sign for the loan.

You will also need to bring identification, sometimes more than one piece, so that they can

make sure the person signing the title and for the loan is actually the right person.  Sometimes along with that you need to bring proof of your address. At the same time, you will likely have to fill in a list of personal references so that if you do not get your payment in on time, the company can contact you.  The number may vary as to how many you need.

You may need to bring proof of income, either pay stubs or tax records, although sometimes this is not required.  Along with that, you might need to list your financial obligations so that they can be confident you are capable of paying off the vehicle title loan in Arizona that you want to take out.  Some companies may ask for a set of keys; some may require proof of insurance; some may require other things, especially if you cannot provide adequate information on some other parts of their requirements.

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