The best way to ensure that pets have long, healthy lives is to trust their care to a full-service veterinary clinic. During the process of evaluating local Veterinarians Stafford VA pet owners can meet most pet needs when they consider facilities that offer the following:

EXOTIC PET CARE: Growing families often include a variety of animal species, so, when choosing Veterinarians Stafford VA families are wise to select a clinic that offers care for exotic pets. Facilities such as Dumfries Animal Hospital offer expert wellness, diagnostic, surgical, and nutritional care for a variety of animals. These include hamsters, iguanas, rabbits, gerbils, snakes, and more. They can also care for pot-bellied pigs, hedgehogs, mice, and rats. Exotic animal specialists understand the unique problems that each animal is susceptible to, and can educate pet owners about their animals’ care.

BOARDING: Full-service veterinarians also offer boarding services. Dumfries Animal Hospital includes more than 100 dog and cat cages and a dozen runs, designed for pet visits. Kennels are carefully ventilated, to ensure a constant supply of fresh air, and pets relax in temperature-controlled, comfortable cages. Dogs are exercised regularly, and all pet visitors are fed highly nutritious diets.

GROOMING: The best veterinary clinics offer professional grooming, by skilled technicians. These experts will bathe and clip dogs and cats, as well as trim their nails. In addition, they carefully evaluate each pet, and will have them examined by a vet if any problems are noted.

PET SUPPLIES: A clinic that works with many types of animals can provide supplies that ensure pet well being. Animal owners can buy maintenance and therapeutic pet supplements, food, toys, and treats. Vets also offer accessories, including safe leashes and collars, dental care products, and dog carriers.

WELLNESS: Dumfries Animal Hospital offers wellness programs that ensure ongoing health for any pet variety. During regularly-schedule exams, they can spot and treat problems, and recommend dietary or lifestyle changes. In addition, vets provide vaccinations, parasite treatments, and nutritional counseling for every stage of pets’ lives.

Full-service veterinary clinics offer ideal pet-care solutions to growing families, who often own a variety of animal species. Clinics offer wellness care, boarding, grooming, and pet supplies for dogs and cats, as well as exotic animal care and supplies.

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