When you are about to embark on a bathroom remodel it might be easy to jump right in without any planning. However, a bathroom remodel is a huge undertaking and you want to know that when the work is complete all details have been considered. The bathroom remodelling Rockland County NY undergoes should start with thorough planning and a pre-renovation inspection to ensure everything is good to go.

Pre-reno Inspection

You want to know if you have any issues before you begin the bathroom remodelling Rockland County, NY is planning. This is, especially important in older homes as you never know what lies beneath the cosmetic finishes. When you work with a professional remodeling company they will let you know what issues exist so you are better able to plan for repairs in your budget.

Experienced Remodeling Experts

When you are choosing a company to do your remodel you want to find someone who has been around for a while and who can provide references. For your initial meeting you should decide on some of the things you want to include for your remodel. Some of the most common issues in old bathrooms are having a place to get ready in the morning for shaving, makeup, hair styling, etc. You want to consider the traffic pattern in your bathroom as well. For example are many people trying to use the bathroom at once, or is it your own private sanctuary? Many family bathrooms separate the shower and toilet area with a wall and door and leave an area with double sinks that can be used while someone is showering. Considering the details of your needs will help your remodeling company identify your needs and come up with an accurate plan and quote.

Work Involved

Your contractor should be able to identify the following issues once they begin a thorough inspection and proceed with the tear down:

  • Adequate electrical
  • Placement of plumbing
  • Leaks or water damage
  • Inappropriate pipes such as lead
  • Existing exhaust fan
  • Structural deficiencies

This will help them determine a realistic budget for the bathroom remodelling Rockland County, NY home owners require. You can then look forward to enjoying your new bathroom oasis without worry. Visit website to know more.

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