The wide variety of underlying problems that can cause clogged drains makes it difficult to ascertain when to attempt a do-it-yourself fix and when to call in a professional. There are an unbelievable number of products out there that claim to simply and quickly fix a clogged drain. The chances are, though, that if a bottle of Drain-O and a plunger haven’t solved the problem, purchasing more expensive home remedies will be a waste of hard-earned cash. If the blockage manifests itself as a slow-draining sink, by all means, try a quick fix first. However, if any of the following symptoms are occurring, call in the professional Drain Cleaning Services Owings Mills MD residents need to get the problem fixed efficiently and safely.

Sewer Water

It’s typically pretty obvious when sewer water is backing up into the house. What takes some homeowners by surprise, though, is that the problem doesn’t always originate in the toilet. Of course, if the toilet is overflowing, that’s a sure sign it’s time to call in a professional. Keep an eye and a nose out for foul smells when water backs up in the shower, bathroom sink, or even kitchen sink as well, though. Attempting to fix problems involving sewage lines at home can create unsanitary and unsafe conditions, so it’s important to recognize that professional help is needed.

Pooling Water

A clogged drain that is simply causing water to flow out of the house more slowly and responds well to Drain-O or similar products is one thing. If water is leaking out of the joints of the pipes and pooling around the base of bathroom or kitchen fixtures, the chances are it’s too late for even fairly knowledgeable home handymen to affect a DIY fix. Pipes may need to be repaired, and it’s best to call a company like The Comfort Guys who can send a professional plumber to unclog the drain and perform needed repairs.

Gurgling Sounds

If there are noticeable gurgling sounds when running the washing machine or dishwasher, it’s often a more subtle sign of clogged plumbing. Don’t attempt to disassemble these fixtures. Visit Us Online to find Drain Cleaning Services Owings Mills MD homeowners can trust to solve the problem safely and efficiently.

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