Taking a hot bath can be a wonderful, relaxing experience. For those with limited mobility, however, getting in and out of the bathtub can become a difficult and potentially dangerous ordeal. Many slip and fall accidents occur in the bathroom, and Walk-in Tubs in San Marcos CA provide a convenient way to avoid them without giving up those luxurious baths.

Walk-in bathtubs are perfect for those who have difficulty getting into or out of the shower. There’s no sense in waiting until a fall occurs to make the change. One in three people over the age of 65 experience an accidental fall each year, often leading to increased mobility troubles and other serious complications. This risk can be avoided through advanced planning.

Walk-in Tubs in San Marcos CA are perfect for those suffering from uncomfortable ailments that can be relieved through the use of hydrotherapy as well. Hydrotherapy is a therapy that uses well-placed jets of water to relieve pain and soreness throughout the body. Walk-in bathtub models offering soothing water jets are available through companies such as Guedes Construction Inc. These custom models can really improve the lives of their owners not only by reducing fall risks but by providing a valuable therapy solution right in the home.

For those concerned about the space these tubs might take up in smaller bathtubs, it’s important to note that although they are typically taller than traditional tubs, they have a similar footprint. Homeowners that choose to install a custom walk-in tub can rest assured it will be designed for easy accessibility and convenience as well as safety.

Those considering this convenient and modern bathroom fixture should ensure the installation is performed by a trained professional. The company chosen should have plenty of experience with helping customers to choose the right model and ensuring it is correctly installed to avoid water damage and provide the most convenient use. It’s not a bad idea to schedule a consultation prior to purchase and to find a provider that offers warranties on their products and services. Learn more about local design and installation experts that can help residents find the walk-in tub that meets their unique needs today.

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