Custom embroidery has risen in popularity in recent years for both personal and commercial items. Adding an embroidered monogram to a bag or an item of clothing is a great way to personalize a gift, while embroidered logos on company uniforms and other soft products create a consistent and high-quality brand image. Compared with screen-printing, another popular form of transferring a logo or design, Custom Embroidery in Mount Vernon WA has a few distinct advantages.

First of all, thanks to developments in embroidery machine technology, embroidery can be applied quickly to a wide variety of materials. Embroidered designs are not limited to soft fabrics like cottons, nylons, and silks. They can also be put on materials like leather. Artists are even using embroidery on soft metals like aluminum, paper, eggshells, and wood.

Another reason embroidery is often preferred is that it is a very high-quality method of applying a logo or design. An embroidered design lasts longer than a screen-printed design and conveys a classy and professional image. Many companies use embroidery to put logos on shirts, baseball caps, bags, towels, robes, or jackets for the use of employees or customers. The smooth texture and rich color of thread create an attractive image.

Furthermore, embroidery is easy to care for. Embroidered garments can be washed in a washing machine using detergent without the risk of damage to the threads or colors. In fact, it is often the case that a garment will wear out long before its embroidered design does.

Embroidery also offers infinite design possibilities. Most embroidery companies are able to create customized designs for their customers, and customers can also create their own image files and send them to the embroidery machine. A printed image, like a photograph, can also be digitized and formatted for use with an embroidery machine. Threads come in a wide variety of colors, and there are now machines that can apply color to clear or white threads during the embroidery process, allowing far more color effects.

Although embroidery can be a little more expensive for small orders due to the cost of digitizing an image, the cost typically goes down for larger orders. Contact Reco Brands for more information about Custom Embroidery in Mount Vernon WA.

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