Placing holes in things and making them bigger might not seem like complicated work, but it is an essential part of many manufacturing and processing methods today. It takes time and equipment, and if you outsource your boring operation to a trusted shop, you enjoy a lot of benefits. Here are some reasons to consider this option for your company.

Save on Equipment Upkeep

When you hand this work over to another shop, you do not have to worry about boring operation equipment maintenance and upkeep. In fact, you can clear out space in your facility by removing equipment if you want to.

Fewer People on the Payroll

To properly bore workpieces, you need specialized equipment and people to operate the equipment. When you no longer do this work, you can reduce your workforce, and this saves on costs like:

• Training

• Healthcare insurance

• Worker compensation

• Overtime pay

• Sick pay

• Vacation pay

With fewer people on the payroll, you have more money for other expenses. This can make the difference between operating at a profit and operating at a loss during lean times.

Lower Risk and Liability Factors

Some small boring operations require a lot of competitive tasks. Things are done over and over all day long. This increases the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome injuries and other problems. When people perform mundane tasks all day, they can get distracted, and this increases the chances for injury. With fewer people working in your facility and performing simple tasks, you lessen the odds of lost time injuries.

Increase Efficiency

By staying highly efficient, you can cut your wholesale prices, and this can lead to more business. The most efficient companies these days are the most competitive, and you could be the company staying one step ahead of business competitors.

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