Last night was not the greatest, especially after the water heater failed and flooded the basement. While the water was pumped out of the space, there is a lot to do before the basement can serve any useful purpose. This is where calling one of the Water Damage Restoration Services in Waldorf now instead of waiting until later is important. Here are a few reasons why swift action is necessary.

Stopping Mold Immediately

While the water was pumped out of the basement, things are still quite damp down there. That creates the perfect environment for mold to develop. A team from one of the Water Damage Restoration Services in Waldorf can move in and take the steps necessary to prevent that from happening.

The team will move everything out of the space and help the homeowner determine what can be salvaged. For example, it may be possible to rescue wooden furniture with some proper cleaning and treatments. Anything that cannot be salvaged will be hauled away and donated for recycling if possible. In the basement proper, the team will know how to dry out any nooks and crannies that are still a little damp. Once that is done, the entire basement can be treated to prevent any mold from developing.

Preventing Structural Damage

Along with drying everything out, the team can check for signs of structural damage. Did the water damage the walls in any way? If the water level got close to any joists or other elements of the framework, those would be checked to ensure they are still stable. Should the structure need any repairs, the team can arrange for a contractor to look at the damage and determine how much it will cost to take care of the problem. Click here to know more.

Sealing the Floors and Walls

As part of the restoration effort, the team can take things one step further and seal the floors and walls, so they are water tight. This will come in handy if the next water heater develops a similar problem. That protective coating will also minimize seepage if the ground surrounding the basement walls should become saturated due to rain.

For help with cleaning up after any type of water issue, visit and arrange for a professional to take a look. Quick action will prevent more problems form developing and make it easy to get things back to normal.

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