In Pontiac, defendants have several options for obtaining release from county lockup. They could wait until they are arraigned and pay their entire bail value. Some offenders could acquire a release without bail, if they have committed a regulatory infraction. However, for those with excessively high bail requirements, these possibilities aren’t possible. Pontiac Bail Bonding could provide them with a more affordable answer.

Access to Vital Information Without Major Delays

For most individuals, information such as their booking number is not accessible until the next day. This information is available through immediate contact with the clerk for the criminal court. However, if the defendant wishes to acquire release they need the help of a bondsman to get this information quicker. The defendant or someone managing their affairs could contact a bondsman to start this process for them. They’ll need the name of the facility in which they are located and their entire name. The bondsman contacts the county Pontiac to acquire all additional information.

Agent Could Attend Arraignment

If requested in enough time, the bondsman could attend the defendant’s arraignment. This gives them the opportunity to discuss the bail with the judge. If the offender doesn’t have a previous criminal record, the bondsman could request a reduced bail value or have the defendant released into their custody. This could present a greater savings for the defendant.

Bail Bond is Lower Than Total Bail Value

The required charges for the bail is typically around ten percent. This is ten percent of the entire bail value given by the judge. The bond is secured by making a cash or credit card payment in the full amount of the required charges.

Collateral is Accepted to Secure the Bond

The defendant may use the title or deed to a real property or automobile as collateral. This allows them to secure the bond without a cash payment. However, the property is seized if the defendant doesn’t appear in court.

In Pontiac, defendants may obtain release from Pontiac through a few possibilities. However, the most economically sound choice is to purchase a bail bond. They don’t require the defendant to provide the full bail value. Defendants who need to acquire Pontiac Bail Bonding should contact EZ1 Bail Bonds immediately.

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