Historically, many people who were accused of crimes simply fled after being released and never appeared at required hearings in court. Over time, a system was developed whereby financial incentives could be used to encourage compliance with court orders while still allowing the accused to remain free until trial.

Today, most people who are arrested in the area and charged with crimes will be allowed by the courts to post bail, if they desire and are able to. Posting bail after an initial hearing will normally allow an accused person to remain free until and unless convicted later on at trial. Working with a licensed bail bonding company in Pontiac will generally be the best way to make use of this option.

An Accessible Way to Secure Personal Freedom Until the Date of a Criminal Trial

While the numbers vary from case to case, courts will often require that bonds of thousands of dollars be posted by those accused of serious crimes. Naturally enough, many will have difficulty coming up with such sums on their own, and might be forced to remain in custody if help was not available.

Fortunately, this will rarely be necessary at all. Getting in touch with a bail bonding company in Pontiac like EZ1 Bail Bonds will almost always make it possible to post bail without needing to come up with the large sums that would otherwise be required.

In most cases, a fee of only a fraction of the entire bail amount will be charged for this service. As a result, even someone whose bail has been set at a ten thousand dollars or more will normally only need to actually present a much smaller and more manageable amount.

Posting Bail Does Not Absolve Anyone of the Need to Show Up in Court

While being able to go free until the date of a trial or other court hearing will almost always be welcome, the accused will still have to live up to some significant responsibilities. In fact, failing to appear in court when required will add to the troubles faced by the defendant in a criminal matter, since the bonding company that posted bail for that individual will then have reason to seek the person out.

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